2 thoughts on “Questions to Consider when Asking if your Husband is Gay or Bisexual

  1. About men married to women but word bisexual only appears twice, sort of as an aside both times, one is actually inside parentheses. Word gay mentioned 33 times. Regardless of any helpful points the article may make, obviously the author is clueless about men married to women who may show signs of not being straight.

  2. It never amazes me to hear about women who have some reason to question their husband/boyfriend’s behavior and assume – then ask – if they’re gay. I would think that instead of a series of questions to ask him, a woman would want to ask herself some questions about why she’d just automatically assume that he’s gay then think about how he might respond to it… and his response might not be a nice one – even bisexual men (like myself) don’t care to be asked if we’re gay.

    While I don’t find it unusual that some guys get married and it’s revealed that they’re bisexual – there are a ton of reasons behind this – I’ve rarely heard of men telling their woman, “Yeah, baby, I think I’m gay!” and, yes, it does happen. What I’ve learned over the years is that whenever a man’s sexual behavior changes, say, he asks the little woman to give him the finger during sex, a lot of women see this as “gay” behavior when, in fact, it isn’t. If having sex with her has seriously and suddenly dropped off, well, he must be gay, right?

    And then there’s this: What’s to say that you ask him and he insists that he isn’t, that in a fit of pique – or maybe out of fear – he decides to lie? You can’t assume that if you ask the question, you’re gonna get a truthful answer… and if he deigns to answer at all.

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